These exams are divided into chapters so you get more questions on each chapter than you would on the actual exam.

This Exam Package consists of:

Study Techniques and Exam Wrting Tips video

-  4 Law Exams, divided into 5 chapters per exam (ch 1-5, ch 6-10, etc.) 

-  4 Math Exams one exam for each of the 4 math chapters in the text book (Chapters 13, 14, 16, 17)

-  2 Practice Exams of all chapters - 50 questions each (1.5 hour or 3 hours for both exams)

-Each exam comes with a detailed answer guide with examples, page references and step by step calculations for you to review prior to exam time.

-Plus one free coaching sesssion with me (over Zoom) to go over some of the more challenging questions and answers.

After these practice exams and coaching session you'll be ready to write the final exam with complete confidence and get the marks you need to PASS!