Master Class Live: Fall 2022

Weekly Review Sessions

Mondays at 7:00 PM

Starting late August 2022

For those who prefer a more structured schedule and in-class style learning join me for my weekly study group sessions (currently through Zoom). Each week I'll explain the legal and mathematical concepts of specific chapters in a way that makes them understandable. I focus on what matters so you can focus on what you need to PASS

$799 per person
or $269/mo x 3 months
25% off for current Master Class Video Students

You’ll also receive:

  • Pre-printed notes sent to you prior to each class to help keep you organized
  • Mini quizes each week for review purposes (in class)
  • 10 Practice Exams divided by chapter - comes with detailed answer guides to help you review.
  • Free Flashcard App: download +450 definitions onto your iPhone so you can study any time, anywhre. Learn the language before you write the exam!
  • A Bonus Video - "Study Techniques and Exam Writing Tips
  • 25% off 6 month Master Class Video Tutorials (after minimum registration numbers achieved for these sessions).

More Benefits!

  • Ask questions, get answers - (Free) I'll personally answer all your questions any time through text, email or phone. I’m always here to help!
  • Meet other students while you learn - form study groups outside of class time!
  • Learn to study and prepare for the final exam with a level of confidence you never dreamed possible!

See Schedule below:

Course Schedule

Class 1

  • Law: Chapters 1 and 2
  • Math: Ch. 13 Intro to "The Time Value of Money"

Class 2

  • Law: Chapters 3-5
  • Math: Ch. 13 Nominal and Periodic Rates of Interest

Class 3

  • Law: Chapters 6 and 7
  • Math: Ch. 13 Equvalent Rate Conversions

Class 4

  • Law: Chapters 8, 9, and 10
  • Math: Ch. 14 Mortgage Payment Calculatons

Class 5

  • Law: Chapters 11, 12, and 15
  • Math: Ch. 14 Calculating Outstanding Balances

Class 6

  • Law: Chapters 18-20
  • Math: Ch. 14 Calculatng Accelrated and Bi-weekly Payments

Class 7

  • Appraisal: Chapters 21-23
  • Math: Ch. 16 Discounting and Bonused Mortgages

Class 8

  • The Completion Process: Chapter 24
  • Math: Ch. 17 Residential and Commercial Mortgage Underwriting

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Hi, I'm Barb!

I'm here to help you pass the BC Real Estate Exam.

I have over 35 years of experience helping people become realtors in BC. My courses will greatly increase your chances of passing the BC Real Estate Services Exam. I will walk you through the chapter material step by step. I explain the legal and math chapters in a way that makes them understandable. I focus on what matters, and get you to focus on what you need to succeed!